LIVE Streaming Video! The applications are endless – educational, corporate, entertainment and more. The audience is global, engaged and connected. The potential is huge – and we've just begun to scratch the surface of this exciting & immediate medium.

BroadbandVideo, Inc has been a pioneer in the live streaming space all the way back to 1997 with a one-frame-per-second webcast of Geraldo Rivera for America Online (AOL) from the studios of Digital City Denver. And now we've got an 3000 square foot studio in the heart of old downtown Littleton, Colorado with three stages devoted to LIVE streaming video. We can stream live to any public service you'd like: Ustream, LiveStream, Veetle, Ubroadcast, FreedoCast (just to name a few) or directly into social media sites like FaceBook or YouTube Live. OR we can stream live to ALL OF THEM at the same time. Of course, we can stream directly to private services also – perfect for your corporate Town Hall or CEO Round-Table. Plug a chat window or live Skype into the webcast and you've got a full multimedia event of global proportions.

Got a great idea for a live, streaming event, show or concert? We'd love to hear your creative ideas about how to harness the power of this exciting media. Imagine YOUR website with a weekly live, streamed talk show or “skype-in” social video event – and just because it's live doesn't mean we can't archive it for convenient viewing at a later date. Call us TODAY at 720-596-4856 to discuss your innovative concepts for global webcasting!

Live Webcasting From Our Studio – We've got the space, the equipment and the experience to make your live event a huge success. We're innovators in the space, creating shows for venture capitalists, film reviewers, “girl chat”....even Bikers! In 2009 we won an EMMY Award in the General Multimedia Class - Advanced Media for a live, streamed event. That's right – we've got an EMMY in the live streaming space. Corporate event, special webcast, ongoing niche programming – we can help turn your idea from concept to reality in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Sophisticated Live Tools – We've got the tools of the trade to make your live event look great! With our special “Green Room” (permanent, beveled walls – not just a piece of paper hanging from the ceiling like some studios) which can be used to create spectacular effects and full sets even in a live environment and our professional teleprompter equipment – you can concentrate on your content and we'll handle the rest. I've you've seen a video background or “style” - chances are that we can reproduce it in a live setting. Plus – this is much more than just staring into a single camera, most of our our live webcasts utilize 3 or 4 HD cameras for distinctly professional and polished results.

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Our place or yours? We've got stages and lighting in our studio – but what if the action is taking place in your conference room, at your convention or almost any “wired” location? We've got the location gear to give you the professional audio and video you need to look good, without having to back-up a Mack Truck to your place of business. Our customized mobile webcasting studio can handle up to 4 HD cameras and has multiple audio options for a single presenter or an entire panel of speakers. And just because we're on location doesn't mean we're “stripped down” - full graphics, overlays and video insertion capabilities are all part of our mobile system. Plus, you can have a DVD full of video in your hands moments after the conclusion of the event.

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