There are consultants – and then there are pioneers. We've been blazing trails in the web video space since before there WAS a web video space, so our take on projects and products is unique. From encoding to hardware to distribution – we've tried it all. This puts us in a position to recommend not what we have sitting on the shelf, but what will actually work best for your application or situation.

We've done wireless streaming to major daily newspaper websites, video production systems for 1000+ salespeople, location multi-camera / multi-format streaming from one of the busiest intersections in the world to hitting every free, live streaming service simultaneously. It hasn't always been easy or worked perfectly the first time, but the point is this: we're not a bunch of webinar-educated armchair quarterbacks – our experience is on the street, running the cable, flying the camera, making the tough connections and delivering time after time to satisfied customers and global audiences.

At BroadbandVideo, Inc. we're creative technologists – blending art, design, video & technology into a multimedia mix of epic proportions. How can we help you reach your goals?

Custom Applications – From personalized players to full-bore interactive education environments containing hundreds of hours of content, we've been delivering the goods online for years. Our client list is extensive and varied, from Sports Teams to Hospitals to Directory Companies – people often come to us with a forward-thinking idea and we turn it into a reality. Often our favorite client conversations start with “What if...?” and we go from there. Give us a call at 720-596-4856 and see what we can build for you!


Location Madness – This mobile, industrial rack-mount system was developed specifically to deliver a fully produced, 4-camera switched web-only show from 4th & Lazelle during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It's estimated that 600,000 people attended the rally that year – and almost every single one of them passed through the intersection where we were webcasting. We were LIVE for four hours a day for four days in a row, with some of the biggest names in motorcycling stopping by for a live, video chat. Where can we set up YOUR big idea?


Big Footprint – The fact is, the biggest challenge in live webcasting is not production – it's audience aggregation & event education. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest content in the world, if no one can find it or knows when it's happening. We've been hedging our bets with a philosophy of “bigger is bigger” by utilizing cost-effective technology to maximize distribution to multiple FREE live streaming sites (Ustream, Ubroadcast, Livestream, etc.) simultaneously. If hitting one service is good, then hitting all available free webcasters at the same time is GREAT! Let's chat about how we can get your killer content the exposure it deserves.

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