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Video Showcase - Recent Live Events

We've been doing a lot of live video recently as people become more aware of the excitement of a live event on the web and they realize that through companies like BroadbandVideo, Inc. they can cover the globe for a fraction of the cost of any other media - with powerful results! If you're thinking about having a live internet streaming event, call us first - chances are we've been doing it longer and better than almost any of the folks you're talking to. The key to live event streaming is simple: experience. The more you've done it, the better you are - it's that simple. We've been "doing it live" since 2001 and we've covered everything from politics to theater to "The World's Longest Guitar Playing Competition" (42 hours, in case you were wondering) and we've got every frame to prove it. When it comes to live - we can make the complex simple, the costs understandable and the results spectacular!

  2008 National Presidential Forum on Disability Issues - is a new and vibrate social / community site specializing in the needs of Handicapped citizens. They recently contracted BroadbandVideo, Inc. to webcast a lively debate bteween presidential hopeful John McCain and people from the camp of Barack Obama. This three hour event involving hundreds of people as speakers, presenters and facilitators was viewed by a huge audience. The player also included membership information, a poll on current events and links to other relevant information.
  Winning Health Care Reform 2009 - The Democratic National Convention was held in Denver this year, and unless you were dead or living in a van down by the river you were aware of the excitement and vibrancy that all the candidates brought to town. We were asked by Families USA, a political action group whose focus is on Healthcare issues to stream their forum live. Considering the cast of presenters included Gov. Ted Strickland, former Sen. Tom Daschle, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Sen. Hillary Clinton we were honored to be chosen for this important event. Needless to say, it went off without a hitch on the monitors of thousands! Note chat session on right hand side that quickly filled up with all kinds of comments during the event.
Consider This:   BroadbandVideo, Inc. and the DNC - While we didn't work directly for the Democratic National Convention, during the time period that the convention was in town we broadcast live streaming video of John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama's representatives and many other notable figures. All these webcasts were produced during the busiest possible time in Denver's history in terms of technological demands upon the local infrastructure - and all came off 100% without a glitch. When you're considering a live event - you should consider these numbers. We're BroadbandVideo, Inc. and we approve of this message.

Video Showcase - Video On Demand (VOD)

It's hard to try to pick the most representative work of a 7 year period - we've all learned so much, grown a bit, had some wins and had a few losses - but what really stands out is the great list of clients we've had the opportunity to work for and with. They keep us on our toes by bringing us new challenges - and often an entire product line can be born simply because somebody speaks up and says "Wait, what if it did THIS?" and begins to draw squares and circles on a whiteboard. That, in my mind, is when things really come to life. If you'd like to work with us and share your ideas and comments, give us a call. We're always interested in new applications, new technologies, new ideas and new ways to make video on the internet an even more embedded part of the online experience than  it is today.

  MapQuest 10th Anniversary Party Tape - The folks from MapQuest dropped off boxes of tapes and all sorts of other great memorabilia with globe and the words "MAPQUEST" in that cheesy font. In our spare time (because this was a project for friends) we edited together literally years worth of footage and had a great retrospective of the early years of up and running just in time for the party. You can catch the wild beat on the tape as you sit back and stroll down memory lane with the foremost innovators in online mapping.
  DexKnows Streaming Video - In a project that has gone on for several years, BroadbandVideo, Inc. has had the privilege of "video enabling" the well-known directory site. There were a few small attempts prior to this - but this collaboration opened the floodgates to online video on directories. Still in production as this is being written - hundreds and hundreds of short "video montages" have been created and linked to the exciting and indispensable website. Press Release | Rocky Mountain News | | Video Samples |
  National Multiple Sclerosis Society - How do you present dozens of hours of footage, many different topics and varying lengths of video all in one player that makes it easy to access just the materials YOU want to see? BroadbandVideo, Inc. joined forces with Renaissance Media to deliver a player that organizes, compiles and gets you the video you want to see with materials from the NMSS. Recently launched, this is a prime example of the capabilities of the BroadbandVideo, Inc. Broadcasting system. Content is updated monthly, weekly and daily to keep MS patients well-informed in their battle with this debilitating disease. Link Page | Pop The Player
  What does it look like? - That's a question we often hear "We've produced a piece with a computer generated background, how do we know that this will translate when our high-quality broadcast video is converted into streaming video?" Well, the best way is to see for yourself. This piece was created using green-screen and computer generated backgrounds. Ask yourself - does the quality translate? If you see things the way we do - you'll agree that the quality of this video has not been compromised by encoding. Yes, it's changed a bit - but consider the amount of data that coming down a small pipe and the results are truly amazing. Now, go to and watch a user-generated video. You can see the value in the service that we deliver.
  National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - You know them as the "Emmy People", but NATAS has long been the trade group of choice for those who are serious about the television / cable / broadcast industry. BroadbandVideo, Inc. has held an active membership position in this organization and was recently tapped to update the national membership on changes brought about by the explosion of online video and what they mean to our industry. While this webcast talks about streaming video, it could just as well be presenting important information about ANY industry. A great solution for training, this format allows for ongoing review of materials and never submits an expense receipt for plane fare, hotels or rental cars.
  Getting Out The Good Word for a Good Long Time - We don't make a big deal about who we partner with at BroadbandVideo, Inc. For the most part, we're happy to be in the background, consistently delivering quality streaming video. We like the customer's work to take the spotlight - that's what it's all about, right? But in this case, we have to blow our own horn just a bit. You're looking at Today with Marilyn & Sarah, a show produced daily out of their Colorado-based offices. We have now been streaming a program a day, 5 days a week for OVER 5 YEARS RUNNING - and that's nothing but good news! When choosing a streaming video company for your important message, see if any other company can point to that kind of a satisfied customer.

Video Showcase - Historic Archive

We've been in business 100% devoted to streaming video for over 7 years. The early years presented many issues that simply aren't around any more. 7 years ago many people were still experiencing a dial-up internet, video was smaller and compression techniques were not as sophisticated. There was the "new kid" Windows Media, the industry standard "Real" and there was still a lot of downloaded QuickTime files. There were no blogs, no user-generated-video (although we tried as early as 1999), no social networking sites and you didn't "Google It", you probably looked for it on Yahoo. We left some of these older clips around because it's nice to see where we came from - and it gives perspective on where we're going!

  City of Littleton Council Meetings – The City of Littleton uses streaming video to provide the convenience of on-demand viewing of their twice-monthly city council meetings. BroadbandVideo’s use of indexing allows the viewer to choose a particular agenda item of interest instead of being forced to watch the entire meeting. Play Video
  Denver Broncos – The Denver Broncos utilize live and on-demand streaming of their press conferences to bring more relevant content to their viewers and to keep them coming back for more. BroadbandVideo handled all the details from recommending equipment, training personnel, building the player window and hosting each conference and archive. Play Video
  Douglas County Television – DC-8 is an award winning government access station producing a variety of programs from informational to educational, from documentaries to magazine and news programs. In order to grow their e-commerce revenue from sales of the videos, they called on BroadbandVideo to provide a streaming solution which allows the visitors to “try before they buy”. Play Video
  Entertainment Update 2002 -You'll experience:
• The History of Car Logos
• Jay Leno in the Indy 500 Pace Car
• The New Levis Commercial (don't miss this)
Play Video