Depending upon your level of expertise in online properties (websites, video, blogs, etc.) you may or may not be aware of some major changes that have occurred over the past several years in terms of website development & maintenance. These could have a substantial impact on your online presence and offline business.
Like all technologies – websites and the methods for maintaining them have evolved. What was once fairly cumbersome code and archaic, convoluted methodology is now easily accessible and simple to maintain. Here are some scenarios that you may have encountered:

“I've lost control of my website”
“There are new features that we see on other websites, but we're not sure how to get them on ours”
"Our website is fairly old, no one seems to find us anymore”
This is fairly common and can be easily cured. Many companies have had websites built by developers or companies that are no longer in business. Your company website may have been constructed by a large, professional web builder or your neighbor down the street – but for some reason, you're no longer able to make changes or even find the people who CAN make changes on your site. The person who handled web development within your company or who outsourced it from within your company is no longer in your employ or your passwords / contact information have simply vanished. You may be paying monthly for little or no service, and you're not sure how to terminate your current agreement without damaging your web presence.

We can help.

We can take the core, written information (and in many cases) all the graphics from your previous site and move them all seamlessly over to a new Wordpress Website. Often your current “provider” doesn't even have to know this change is taking place. We can rebuild your web presence with added functionality and unprecedented access (yes, YOU can change things on your website without paying every time) and when you're ready, we simply notify your previous provider and your new site goes LIVE! The hosting for your site is in YOUR control (we recommend hosting services but do not mark them up) and you can now be an active participant in the ongoing evolution of your web presence even if you have NO TECHNICAL SKILL WHATSOEVER. If you can send an email, you can update your own website.
  There are new features appearing every day that can enhance the functionality, usability, social-ability and search-engine friendliness of your website. Things like blogs, video, chat, RSS feeds, Facebook connections, Twitter feeds and more – all these new media tools enhance your audience communication and engagement with your website and messaging. If you're dealing with a conventional website / developer relationship, these additions can be time-consuming and expensive

We can help.

Once your website has been transitioned to a Wordpress website, all of these features (and more) can be added using free or inexpensive “plug-ins” that immediately enhance the functionality of your website using pre-written, pre-tested, industry standard code. These “plug-ins” are continually updated by their developers – most of the time for free.

You can have the following functionality added to your website at little or no cost:

YouTube Videos right on YOUR website.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn Buttons.

Blogs, chat sessions & RSS feeds.

Advanced search-engine optimization tools.

Remote publishing tools (change your website from your mobile device)

Advanced graphic capabilities (slideshows, portfilios, animations)

Automatic “Mobile & Tablet” friendly functionality.
  The facts are pretty simple: the only real game in town in terms of being found is Google. Most people simply “Google” everything and anything and see what comes up. If your website has not been optimized so Google will see it, or perhaps your website was built before Google was around, then chances are when people “Google” for your product or services, they're going to find your competition

We can help.

Google really likes Wordpress websites. Wordpress makes it easy for Google to find the information it needs to send back to people who are performing searches – so your odds of being “found” by Google using a Wordpress website are substantially higher than a non-wordpress site. You may have already received emails with wild claims about making your website “#1 on Google” - most of these are from scam companies. They'll take your money and deliver very little, or what they deliver will be very short-lived. Here are the two kinds of Search-engine Optimization (getting “found” by Google) and how they work:

Organic Search – This is our specialty. “Organic” simply means that you use time-proven tools and techniques that Google likes to get your site found. You pay for only the time and development costs of these materials – no money goes to Google.

Paid Search – Because Google is a business (and a very profitable one at that) there are programs that are available (from Google) to enhance the ranking of your website. As long as you continue to pay for these services you will receive a higher ranking than non-paid users.

Here's an overview of what we can do:

1) Move your website from your current provider – giving you access and control over both hosting and the actual website.

2) Create a Wordpress website – so you can add, modify and control your website's content with little or no technical background.

3) Create many new, current features and connectivity options on your site at little or no cost to keep you connected with your audience & customers.

4) Make it easier for Google to find your website & contact information, increasing your visibility on the web as a whole.
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