Welcome to BroadbandVideo.com! You’ve probably noticed the explosive use of video on the internet for advertising products and services – but there’s more than meets the eye.

Well-placed video not only attracts customers and increases sales, but it also helps YOUR business get “found” by Google and other search engines. The more your video is found by search engines – the easier your potential customers can find you! Many traditional (and some non-traditional) businesses are now using online video to attract new customers.

In order to compete in the ever-crowding internet space – you need to be able to provide your customers with video that they can view on YouTube and Facebook. BroadbandVideo.com has the expertise, the people, the equipment and the pricing to get your business video on YouTube TODAY!

There are basically three production scenarios for video - “Video Montage”, “Location Video” and “Green Screen”. Please check out our samples below and a brief description of the video process. One of these types of video could be just what you're seeking to give you the boost you need on Google. Give us a call TODAY at 720-596-4856 and we'll discuss what's right for you!

While most companies won’t come out with a full price quote until they’ve put you through the sales wringer – we’re really comfortable with our pricing and our VALUE! You owe it to yourself to check out the cost of these kind of videos from traditional directory vendors and others who will hit you with recurring “listing” or “hosting” costs for your video. Most production houses involved in the production of commercials for broadcast television simply can’t touch our prices. Keep in mind – there are “commercials for TV” (short and expensive) and “video for the internet” (longer and more cost effective). We’re experts at online video – we've produced thousands of subject-specific videos for The Denver Newspaper Agency, Dex Media, RH Donnelley and many other well-known publishing houses – now we can bring that expertise DIRECTLY TO YOU. Thanks to the power of YouTube, you can get your video circulated internet-wide FOR FREE, all you need is the actual video. Here’s the best deal on internet video production you’re likely to find that’s backed by a 10 year industry veteran like BroadbandVideo, Inc.

Video Montage - We were pioneers in the creation of the complex, online video montage. This type of video is “no shoot” – no camera operator ever visits your place of business, but often this fact is transparent to the viewer. They can see your business, people enjoying your products and in some cases, even very specific details about your business or subject practices. We achieve these professional looking videos through the use of materials found on your website, concise scripting, quality voice over & music coupled with an extensive library of stock footage.  By combining all these materials – our skilled editors can create an information packed production that shows you and your business in a great light – while costing FAR LESS than traditional location video.

Packages start at $400 for a complete 2-3 minute YouTube video.


Location Video - This is probably the most common thing video purchasers expect: a cameraman arrives at your location and you work with him to shoot many scenes that are later edited into a traditional video “commercial”. The trick here is to take into account that the web does not share time constraints that are inherent in broadcast. While TV & Cable outlets can offer you only 30 or 60 seconds of “commercial” – online video can expand on your important subject matter and take the time to make sure the viewer truly understands the value of your unique proposition. Couple the longer running time of an internet video with the distribution potential of YouTube and you’ve got an excellent value proposition for online video.

Packages start at $750 for a complete 2-3 minute YouTube video.


Studio “Green Screen” Video - We’ve got a 3000 square foot video production facility centrally located in downtown Littleton, Colorado. You can enjoy boutique shopping, great restuarants, cosmopolitan nightlife – PLUS a full-service production studio ready to make you (and your business) look like you spent millions on set construction, special effects and cool “news style” graphics when, in fact, the magic of digital imagery costs SO much less. We’ll sit you down in the studio, let you do your best “elevator” pitch and then cut you loose while we do what we’re known for – making you look great on the web! The next thing you’ll see is a complete ready-to-run video that has ALL The bells and whistles.

Packages start at $550 for a complete 2-3 minute YouTube video.

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